We Make Insurance Distribution
Modern and Efficient.

A suite of fully compliant software solutions for insurance distribution


How Agiliux Works

Agiliux is an all-in-one solution for insurance agents, brokers and providers.

Scalable Cloud Insurance Software

Whether you are an insurance agency, broker or provider, Agiliux offers solutions that can transform your business landscape, digitalizing your entire insurance operations; all in a safely-secured cloud environment.

Sell Insurance Products Online
Online Claim Submission
Agencies Management
APIs for Partners
Integrate with Core Backend

Panel of Insurers & Products
Broking Slips & Quotations
Accounting & Reports
Policy & Claims Management
Insurer & Customer Portal

Lead Management & Proposal
Client Engagement
Workflow & Notifications
Policy & Claims Documents
Reports & Analytics

Global S

A digital connectivity platform with multiple currencies, tax rates, languages, and regulatory requirements for global and regional teams.

Digital Transformation

Seamless connection to your legacy systems to offer cutting edge digital solutions, without disrupting the existing infrastructure and processes.

Cloud Insurance
With SaaS, upgrades are applied continuously without interference to your operation, allowing you to get the most out of your software investment.

Agile yet affordable

Start small with what you need and add more advanced features as you grow. Highly configurable and easily customizable as you scale. Never pay for what you don’t use.


Your data is 
safe and best of all, completely secure.



We collaborate with reputable cloud providers, and all of our servers are regularly audited by external security firms to ensure that they comply with the most recent industry and cloud security requirements.

Even on shared cloud, we keep distinct applications and databases for each customer to ensure complete data isolation and provide our customers with the highest level of security and confidence.

We work very closely with regulators and customers in every country we operate in to meet all the local regulatory requirements.


Customers Asia wide

Our clients are spread across Asia
Agiliux solutions support multiple currencies, languages, taxes and regulations.
Agiliux platform can seamlessly integrate with any 3rd party systems or providers world-wide.
We have a strong and dedicated after-sales technical support team. Our team is ready to support via the appropriate channel that meets your needs, from any country.
Our Agile in-house development team ensures our software is highly customizable based on your specific country requirements.
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